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so the A52 came with Google messages by default, will the galaxy A51 get it in an updated or something?
in one ui 3 Samsung removed the change hue feature in the pjoto editor, instead of adding features they are taking away features, they also took away the option to make the home screen wallpaper move with the gyroscope sensor 
I'm sure it is not a hardware limitation, if they did Slowmotion  in selfie they sure can make hyperlaps 
do you think it will look like android 12 or will it have a completely new redesign 
the galaxy a50 got pro video in one ui 2.1, now I'm using galaxy a51 on one ui 3.1 and i don't even have the pro video feature why, a51 is newer more powerful prossesor and cameras why it doesn't have it and a50 does so unfair