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One UI is a disappointment in terms of performance and system stability (For Me)

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Dear Samsung Company,

 I wanted to share this message about One UI Bugs and problems (In General Not Just One UI 3.1)

I've had my Samsung Galaxy A50 for +1.5 Years and I am very disappointed with the performance of my phone and unfortunately, new bugs have appeared after One UI 3.1 

To Start With, When My Phone Was Running Android 9 It was running smoothly and it was fast and games performance was good but my phone was running hot while playing heavy games and that's normal for Exynos Chip and because the performance was great, I didn't care too much about CPU heating problem 

In April 2020 My phone had received One UI 2.0 Update and I thought that the update will be fast and smooth just like Android 9 And I updated my phone (OTA) and after I updated my phone it was lagging and running slow. Usually, It's normal that a phone would start to lag after downloading a big firmware patch especially Android System Upgrades for some days as some heavy background processes are running after the phone has been updated and the phone performance should return to normal after some days but that didn't happen and unfortunately after some other monthly security patches the phone performance has been very bad and the phone was lagging a lot till now and I tried basic troubleshooting firstly like restarting the device, using device care, closing running apps in the background and unfortunately that didn't work So I searched for some advanced solutions like enabling developer options and changing the scale to 0.5, changing the background process limit from standard limit to 1 Process only, used galaxy app booster (APK File from APK Mirror as Good Lock isn't supported in my country), Also Downloaded Nearly All Good Lock Modules (APK File) then I installed Nice Lock and Fine Lock From Google Play Store to see if the performance improves and still it is lagging maybe the lag has decreased but still not fixed yet

I have done Factory Reset Two Times till Now. First Time was from settings and the second time was from recovery mode and after installing apps the lag returned.

Also, Before Months My phone battery was acting weird like for example if my phone was off and was charged to 100% and then turned it on after it was completely charged I was surprised to see that the battery percentage after I turned on my phone was 89-91% (Where the 10% Battery Percentage has gone?) and I tried to calibrate the battery and it didn't always work and the problem has persisted more than once So after that I tried to charge my phone when It reaches a low battery level and keep it turning on as a workaround so I am not sure if this problem is a battery problem or software problem and I will try to do the same experiment a couple of times to see if the problem has been solved now or not

Also, sometimes when my phone was turned off it would charge very slowly and I had to change which electric outlet port I would charge my phone from more than one time to solve this issue, However, After One UI 2.5 was released to my phone in January 2021 When I charge my phone and the phone is turned on it shows the time remaining for the phone to be fully charged So, I was worried less after One UI 2.5 was released to my phone 

I used to charge my phone from 0 to 100 many times and I know this is bad for battery health but still, my phone gives 4.5-6 Hours SOT after +1.5Y of using it and the SOT was 7-8 Hours in the past but it's known that battery performance decreases over time 

I have seen someone said that Samsung doesn't use A/B partition (not sure about that )that's why many people are facing lagging issues "Even On Flagship Phones" After Updating Software Updates Especially the big updates like Android Version System Upgrades and the good way to update software updates is by using Official Odin to flash Official Firmware (Which I have never tried and it may brick the phone if done wrongly and because If someone flashed his phone using Odin Samsung Warranty Would Be void Because Of that) 

or Updating the phone by using Samsung Smart Switch using USB Cable connected to PC while updating software So I was always updating my phone by OTA so I wanted to try to update my phone using smart switch So I updated my phone From March 2021 Patch (That Was Included With One UI 3.1) To April Security Patch and I was surprised to see that the update size is 4150MB (Maybe Because it redownloaded the ROM File and then Re-installed it (not so sure about that)) and after it updated successfully the lag problem hasn't been fixed or even decreased unfortunately 

I know This is a mid-range phone and the CPU isn't strong But Come on Samsung! Optimize your software for 4GB Ram phones your software uses too much ram like sometimes the ram usage reaches +85% on my phone and lag is horrible! I am so disappointed with the really bad software optimization for A series 

And the A50 is one of the if not the most selling smartphone in 2019 I appreciate that Samsung is still keeping it in Monthly Updates till now but this smartphone software should be optimized

And I tried to update One UI Home Launcher using a newer version I downloaded from APK Mirror and that didn't help either

BUGS I Faced after updating to Android 11

  1. Stronger Overheating Issues like the CPU Temp reached 44C and battery temp reaches 37-40C and the phone feels hot while using it especially when Opening Several Apps 
  3. This Problem Should Be Fixed ASAP! Sometimes Some Apps don't connect to the internet and I have to restart my phone to resolve this issue it doesn't happen always It happened a few times till now... And April Security Patch even updating it using Samsung Smart Switch didn't solve it! (It happened with Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Discord)

And I contacted Samsung (Trough Samsung Members App) and they gave me a solution that I have done before and I don't think that it's even related to Apps Internet Connection Lost Problem 

*Note: the problem happened with WIFI. For Mobile Data it hasn't happened so far so I don't know if it will happen in the future for mobile data or not

Samsung Reply:

Dear valued customer, Kindly note that Samsung is aware of this phenomenon which may appear on Galaxy devices due to the Google Webview issue and this problem was already resolved with the latest app updates of Android System Webview and Chrome, 89.0.4389.105 version. Therefore, please update these apps to the latest version on the following steps and restart the device. [ How to update apps to the latest version ] - Android System Webview : Settings > Apps > Search Webview > Tab Android System Webview > App details in-store > Update - Chrome: Settings > Apps > Chrome > App details in-store > Update * If the Update menu is not available, please tap the Enable button to activate app update.

 3.Phone sometimes freezes 

 4. The Phone had suddenly restarted without any reason and Samsung Members gave a warning after the phone rebooted and opened Samsung Members App because "Critical Error Reports" Option that is related to Automatic Error Reports was turned on 

One UI is a beautiful software but what makes its experience bad for me is the bad performance  (((I know this is a mid-range phone and the CPU is bad) but the UI Lag and apps Lag is really really bad! and Also The notification bar and quick panel layout lag a lot

The Warranty had expired for my phone and I can't send my phone for repair at this moment (The phone has never been repaired)

Any Solutions to these problems?

Anyone facing one of the issues in the post?



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we appreciate the chance to assist you and we extremely apologize for the inconvenience that you are facing 

kindly note that unfortunately regarding the issues that you are facing please note that if you already followed the trouble shooting steps and you are still facing the same issues then service is needed as we recommend you to refer to the nearest authorized service center in your country to check your phone by a Samsung technician 

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جالاكسى A
جالاكسى A
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