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It has come to my knowledge that samsung music lets us to save lyrics to a song. Anyone knows how to?
I have smart things app downloaded on my phone and this app is quite useful. While connecting the galaxy buds the smart things app shows a pop up. But for me the pop shows up really late. After having the earbuds im my ears i have to wait for around ...
Im facing an issue with the game sound. I use galaxy buds to play games but ive noticed sound delay. The sound delay is not much, 3 seconds but still sound is very important for games. Could anyone please help me know how to fix this
How long should the s9 battery last when its running night mode, internet, blue light filter and egde lighting (after charging up to100 percent).
Is there no backgound thing for aod's cuz a few weeks back there were sparkles on the lock screen along with the colck and home button but now they are not there