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Phone can provide message related template by reading whatsapp text?Although whatsapp messages are end to end encrypted my phone AI is able to read the message from notification and suggest templates for replies. Isn't this unsafe for one's privacy?
I liked the S Bike mode in older Samsung mobiles. But when i installed it on my Note 20 Ultra, i couldn't use it as its not supported in this device. Is there any way to get access to it? Or will Samsung bring it back?
Can anyone explain why my note 20 Ultra gives a low quality image for a zoom of 4.7 and better clarity at a zoom of 5.1?.. I've attached the photos... I can see the clarity getting better past 5.0 as i zoom in in camera4.7x zoom... See the Coconut tr...
I want Bixby to have full functionality in controlling this device except security features. I noted that Bixby cannot start Focus mode and Bed time mode which should be accessible through Bixby. Other possibilities must also be enabled to access thr...