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I have been using Samsung phones and tablets (both with S pen) for a very long time. Never considered any other brand but I guess now it's time to say goodbye. I understand that Note 10 as well as Tablet S6 won't be having headphone jacks that means ...
On my Note 8, after Oreo, the battery drain is alarming. Just 46 minutes of screen on time and and battery is down to 11% !Is it possible to revert back to Nuggat? How to do that?
Got the Oreo update today. Now my Note 8 is a mess. Internet data speed has become super slow. phone lags like a cheap phone. Now, my favourite keyboard, G board is not working properly. And best of all, nothing special to bother with. My advice, don...
Will I get warranty/ service for a Samsung Tab S 3 bought in USA here in India?
I like Bixby but I don't like to press and hold the Bixby button to wake her up( repeated use will damage the hard ware) and I prefer not to enable Voice wake up because it uses power. I wish there was a soft button preferably on an edge panel which ...