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There is a sale going on all sites...Im stuck which phone to buy...Have two options based on my budget..Please let me know which one is better..1. LG G6 ?2. Samsung S7 ?3. Other ?
A5 2016 dual sim network issue resloved after new 2 mb update...thanks!
People, this is for all who whine and complain that samsung is slow in update, 'they ditch flagsheeeps'..., always compare it to some shit companies etc.....This is what happens when you call yourself flagsheeep killer!
Hi, anyone facing constant network drop on sim 2 after the small 1.6 mb update?
Hi Samsung,For themes and in galaxy app store you have allowed only credit card payment not sure why? 😕 This is so bad if you dont have credit card you cannot purchase anything!?However now that I got samsung pay - at least make option to pay throug...