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Any idea how to get free Wallpapers & themes for Galaxy phones? Thanks.
Hi there, I have recently installed an Android touch screen audio system in my car. I wonder if any one can suggest a tested app to mirror my mobile on touch screen to use without WiFi or mobile hotspot. The bottom line is without use of data I have ...
Having used most expensive mobiles for a long time I have come to the conclusion that mob companies are making fool of us. They make quick handsome bucks in the name of brand and models. Why we spend so much on just two and three functions like high ...
 شادی سے ایک دن پہلے, ہونے والی بیوی کا میسیج آیا, "سوری, ہماری شادی نہیں ہو سکتی کیونکہ کہیں اور فکس ہو گئی ہے " دولہا تو ٹینشن میں آ گیا ۔۔۔۔۔ کچھ دیر بعد دوسرا میسیج آیا, "سوری, غلطی سے آپ کو بھیج دیا" دولہا پھر ٹینشن میں آ گیا
I just wanna confirm whether S20 plus can handle 5 G technology.  Mine is 8/128 gb. 5G in Pak is far away though.   Thanks.