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I'm really loosing my patience I wasted 25k on samsung f62 after july update this phone is lagging way too much even 10k smartphones run better than this internet connection is below pathetic call drop is way too much and this mother**bleep**ers firs...
It's so frustrating that a phone which I purchased for 25k not even 5 months old lagging so much even though I don't play games and keep many apps in my phone and I'm not even a very **bleep** user but in day to day life it's hanging like crazy I sho...
I don't how but tones automatically getting downloaded in my smartphone please help me to stop it from being getting downloaded again and again. I have even attach the picture see it for yourself.
Just like I said it gets overheated in normal usage I'm not a heavy user I never even play games toady I missed my exam bcuz it won't let me open my question paper in gallery in split screen what the hell is that I have paid 25k for this device was n...
Why does it take so long time to even install a simple 20 to 30 mb app as the device has a flagship grade chipset other brand device which have 720g and 730g take less time to install app than this device Samsung please fix this problem asap