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Why samsung team not provide always on display for A9 pro user totaly unsatisfied.A9 pro have super amoled display.samsung team very useless and cheap brand. They dont care about their customer at least provide some basic feature in oreo updare i.e A...
Oh finaly guys😊😊👍👍
Oreo to denge nahi hame shayad z wala dede🤣🤣😂😂 sudhar jao samsung team#late update#worst services#no value for money#paiso ki barbaadi😭#naam ke liye so called ✌PRO✌
A Big Question Mark....?
They are just ignoring to A9 pro user day by day😳no update for A9 pro user from past 1year😠😠samsung just said that wait for 2-3 days in september for OREO UPDATE 😡😡 and now today is the last day of september month what samsung😈😈