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It seems like we should not use Samsung devices anymore. They are following the way which MIUI is following. Really I was annoyed by observing ads in Weather app. After finding the ad, I searched about ads in google and there I found that Galaxy fold...
Try to add some coconut oil on the finger which you want to register. Then rub it on your hair. Then try to register the finger, the reader will recognize it even after having a tempered glass.Thank You.
After the ONE UI 2.0 Update My A50 is now taking 3 hours to get fully charged and also it heats during usage of normal applications and also battery drains too fast gets only 2 hour sot.
After updating my device into Android 10, I'm feeling like it would be an wise decision to remain with Android 9. What a rubbish experience it is with almost minimal new features which are also useless...most of the features are removed. Camera has b...
Do some of you guys still have/use Galaxy A7 2016? If yes please do comment.