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The new camera app is too battery hungry. I takes lots of battery when being used.
Hi Everyone. New android 10's navigation gestures are not present on my Galaxy S9 One UI2 Beta. Is there anything missing? read this article if you are angry on Samsung for Software Updates.
👉 Samsung Galaxy S8 Oreo Beta Review (Day 😎• Overall UI has been quite fast today. Much better than Yesterday.• I am not experiencing any wrong wifi indications since today.• Antutu Benchmarks have been pretty good if someone is wondering.• Snapcha...
👉Samsung Galaxy S8 Oreo Beta Review (Day 7)• There are constant stutters across the UI.• Sometimes the WiFi icon shows exclamtion mark even if the internet is woriing properly.• Snapchat is very bad. I am not sure if its bad in nougat as well. It wa...