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@Samsung ain't fair though, they should have started the 3 year update policy from the S9 not the 10😑
Google assistant is better>>> than Bixby
The S9 has got a new update, it includes the new single take mode in the Camera and some dope new features on the Samsung Keyboard 🔥🔥🔥😎
The single take mode is dope🔥🙌👏LITHIUM.OoyalaPlayer.addVideo('https:\/\/player.ooyala.com\/static\/v4\/production\/', 'lia-vid-Ewa2NqajE6BOKHOjTmY9GNkkycNtSlr-w320h240r467', 'Ewa2NqajE6BOKHOjTmY9GNkkycNtSlr-', {"pcode":"M3c20yOlc357mzwD2E8GjCDyQNI...