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Hey! Great phone!!what is it's RAM and storage?

We come by the above question quite often these days. And most of us also know the answer. We understand how the storage works, because the term explains itself. And we also know that higer the RAM, higher the speed of the device. Well, did we ever ask ourselves, why ? How does higher RAM result in faster response of the phone ?

RAM - Random Access Memory is responsible for storing the primary data of the applications that are currently open and running on your device. When you run an application on your phone, its data is sent to RAM and is loaded from there.The storage is temporary and and the primary data stored keeps changing based on the applications that are running on open.

If you have 4 GB RAM you can open certain number of applications at a time without slowing down the device till the RAM memory is full. And in the same way, if you have 8GB RAM you can run more number of applications as compared to having 4 gigs of RAM.

What happens if the RAM is full?

Well, the device usually stores the data of some applications that are open to storage memory, and derives the data back to RAM when needed. This results in slowing down of the device.

That is why, you have the option in many devices to clear the RAM memory and enhance the device performance.

In Samsung mobile devices: go to settings>>tap on device care>>tap on memory and clear the RAM storage.


In short:

1)RAM is a location that hold's data for a short period of time.

2) Data in RAM is read or written at higher speed

3) RAM memory determines the number of applications that can run simultaneously without slowing down the device.

3) RAM data is typically erased when you shut down your phone as it is temporary and is lost when power is cut off.