Beginner Level 3
      RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It is a storage used for place to hold data temporarily.


Types of ram-

   1 DRAM(DEE-RAM)or dynamic RAM-
           It is used as computers main memory. Each DRAM cells made up of capacitors ,transistors within integrated circuits.

   2 SRAM(ES-RAM)or static RAM-
           It used four to six transistors. It keeps data in the memory untill system have power supply.

Use in electronic devices-

     A random access memory devices allows data items to be read or written in almost same amount of time irrespective of physical location of data inside the memory.

Role of RAM in gaming-


       RAM is important factor which determines compuer or devices performance and gaming experience. Now the question arises is will RAM help in gaming. It depends on game you want play, its functions, settings etc. And how much RAM you have in your device.

RAM latency-

       When you go to buying RAM,you will see listings for their timing, like CL-16-18-18-38 or CL-14-14-14-34 or CL-16-18-18-36.The no. after CL represent CAS latency.
       CAS(column access strobe)latency or CL is delay time between moment data and real command.

Is low ram affect device's speed-

     It depends on how many applications are working on your devices and which type of application are they.
      If you are using applications for which the RAM in your device is sufficient then there is no effect on your device.
       If your RAM is not sufficient for the application you are using then your device might be slow.

How to eradicate this problem-

      It is good practice to close down applications regularly which is running in background. It will clear the RAM and clearing the RAM will speed up your device.