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Why doesn't Samsung allow service to certain area

(Topic created on: 08-21-2023 06:38 PM)
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Galaxy S
It's so sad you see these YouTube vid of the amazing features of goodlock and its app in them
But to find out that it's not available in South Africa
Why would Samsung do a thing a like 
So in other words certain regions get certain apps they can use while other regions not allowed 
That's sickening
One uses a flagship phone expects it to be open to its full potential of apps and usages not restricted cause of region
Can this be fixed Samsung or will this just fall on deaf ears as usual so long as product is out sold and money is made
Also another topic why why does your Samsung phone utilitise 80gigs to 90 gigs of storage for the software or phone programmes yet these phone cant extend its storage capacity
Really now Samsung 
Can we get some feedback 

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Hi I'm from south Africa and I have goodlock on my s21. . . . Follow these simple tips and thank me later 😊. Step 1 download any VPN of your choice on playstore. . . . Connect to wifi remove your sim card 😑 go to galaxy store n clear all data n cache and force stop. . . Open VPN and choose America or Britain to connect then open your galaxy store and search goodlock you'll see
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Thanks I will give it a try after our loadshedding 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵
Have s22 ultra had the s21 ultra found s21ultra heating issues was not comfortable for me
In your opinion what's a good VPN
Really appreciate the help
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Galaxy S
This is a problem. Why should we take alternatives while other countries just get it on the galaxy store ? Why don't we get the same treatment? I have no wifi. Then what? How will you deal with such an issue?