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S21 Ultra freezing after android 14 update

(Topic created on: 12-11-2023 12:45 AM)
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S21 ultra freezing up after One Ui 6.0, Android 14 update.
Cant access to sim recharge codes.
How to retrieve back to Android 13...
Too much bugs

Ussd codes hanging 
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You might have to visit a service center.
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Do a hard reset. See if things get better.
Back up all your data. Music photos sms etc.
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Mine freezes every 2 to 10 minutes. Happens in safe mode. Cleared cache partition, checked all apps up to date.  Run in maintenance mode still crashes. Going out to buy an iPhone.  

How do I complain to Samsung?

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Mine works perfectly fine without any freeze, crash, or lag.
S21 Ultra 5G Android 14 (One UI 6)

Just try clearing cache partition. Or else just restart the device.
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Even my S21Ultra too. Only slightly more battery drain has observed even after wiping cache partition.
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Did you follow below steps to clean cache partition?

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We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Kindly be advised that software updates are delivered on it to provide optimal and best experience of the product

When Samsung delivers an update to your Samsung product, it provides either of the following:

1. An upgrade to the latest operating system version

2. To deliver new features or support for some applications in the market

3. To deliver fixes on reported issues

4. To deliver security updates

It is not recommended to downgrade the device version even if an issue is found after the update.

Note: Official Samsung updates are only through FOTA updates, software update applied at Samsung authorized center, and update through USB (for TV) after downloading new software from Samsung.com.

If an issue is observed, a solution has to be delivered through another software update.

Issues can be reported through:

1 Contact our call center to verify the issue
2 Visit a Samsung authorized service center
3 Report the issue through Error Report (for mobile phone
Visit the link below to report this issue :-https://www.samsung.com/ae/support/mobile-devices/how-to-send-error-report-in-your-galaxy-device/

Note: Samsung device is protected with Knox security. Any tampering of the software to downgrade will cause non-resolvable malfunction of the product.

You can also try the troubleshooting below:

Make restarting your Galaxy phone a daily habit
Periodic restarting can prevent problems with your Galaxy phone. If your phone suddenly freezes or your phone is too slow, try restarting your phone first. The issue can sometimes be resolved just by restarting the phone. It is recommended to restart periodically to see if that solves the problem before visiting the Samsung service center.

How to automate periodic restarts
Galaxy phones can be set to automatically restart periodically. Follow the steps below to activate the Auto restart at set times feature.

Step 1. Open Settings, and then select Battery and device care.

Step 2. Tap the More options (the three vertical dots).

Step 3. Select Automation.

Step 4. Tap Auto restart at set times.

Step 5. Set the Schedule. Your phone will restart automatically within 1 hour of the time you set.

Your phone will only restart when:

The screen is off.
The phone isn't being used.
The battery is above 30%.
SIM card lock is off.

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Mine one is even more smoother than android 13