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I have updated my S21U to One UI 5 recently, and I have noticed a bug in the charging scenario, like when I plug the device it's shows superfast charging for a couple of seconds or minutes then it just displays only charging in the lock screen and in...
Is there anyone facing issue with the proximity sensor while hearing audio messages in whatsapp or when in phone call where the screen don't dim or go off when holding phone close to ears for listening to audio? It's not turning the screen off and it...
Is there anyone facing weird motion smoothness like dropping the framerate to below 60hz or 30hz (stuttering effect) when unlocking the device Only through AOD biometric sensor. It happened after the January 2022 security update. Installed Feb patch ...
Is the there anyone facing weird motion smoothness when unlocking the device through the AOD biometric sensor?. It's like when waking the screen through AOD display or unlocking the device using the AOD Biometric the refresh rate drops to below 30hz....