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One UI 5 Charging Bugs!

(Topic created on: 11-26-2022 10:36 AM)
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I have updated my S21U to One UI 5 recently, and I have noticed a bug in the charging scenario, like when I plug the device it's shows superfast charging for a couple of seconds or minutes then it just displays only charging in the lock screen and in the notification panel. The fact is superfast charging is working fine and estimated time doesn't change when it just displays only charging. Is there any one facing this issue/bug? Please let me know in the comment section after checking it out.
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No issues at all post update. My S21Ultra is running as smooth as it was before.
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The OneUI 5 update only shows "Charging" after a few seconds. This is not a bug

Two ways to find out if you're fast charging

1. Super Fast Charging 2.0 makes the charging animation a blue ring instead of green. Normal Fast Charging and Super Fast Charging 1.0 is still green if I recall.

2.Click on the "charging" notification , it will take you to the battery options. In there it will list what charging speed it is.
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Its happening in every devices it seems. As you have mentioned, its not changing with the time needed to get fully charged. They might clear these in next patch updats