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Cant connect to 5g

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I purchased my phone in the United States and was able to utilize the 5G network there. However, upon relocating to the United Arab Emirates, the 5G network functionality ceased. I reached out to Gulf customer support regarding this issue, but they informed me that they were unable to assist and advised me to contact the United States support team. Now, when attempting to access Samsung Members, I am automatically redirected to Samsung Gulf.

All I need is to open my 5g as when i use other phone the 5g works just fine.

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We would like to provide some clarification regarding this matter. The compatibility of a device with a specific network provider, including 5G compatibility, is determined by the device's hardware and software configuration. These configurations are typically established at the time of manufacturing and are specific to the region or country where the device is intended to be used. Unfortunately, these settings cannot be altered post-purchase, and it is beyond our control to modify them.

As 5G technology varies from one country to another, and it is essential for the device to align with the specific requirements of the local network providers in each region.