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This keep pooping up.... Sometimes it's for secs sometimes it doesn't go away for hours... Is it safe to disable or force stop it... Am I being monitored or hacked? What's it purpose? This is scary stuff. It has all the permissions allowed by it self...
Everything keeps on getting uploaded to the Google photos and one drive ...issue starts when I see Everything which has been uploaded is deleted from phone gallery and it do i stop gallery to delete itself ... sc guidance would be preferabl...
What's volte is it because of the software update or the network company ...bhai is ka maqsad any faida?
File is quite big 2.1 gb ...Many good features coming. Fav being sleeping mode watermark camera features wallpaper and pallet color scheme
Ajeeb se bechani hoi wi ha ...sare dost city aur mulk chor kar Chale gai ha ... banda kia kare?