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when i record videos in my c9 pro the video had no sound! not only that google assistant too cant hear me and s voice too can't hear me.. but when i do the Samsung members diagnosis my mic is fine but i dont know why my videos have no sound and googl...
can any one give me a pic of c9 pro charger adapterI need the adapter specifications please........I mean I need to know what amperes is the adapter.URGENT.....
guys please let us REPORT these fellas who are ADVERTISING in our posts. they are commenting in every post these days. I've got screen shots of them. let's stop them from doing that!!!!
Hey guys I know that many of you had used grand duos phone and someone are still using it. and I have one question . Why did galaxy Grand series stopped?
Samsung please make the fingerprint scanner faster and not only it is slow but it's not even recognising my fingerprint after trying it for 6-7 times then it unlocks otherwise I have to open it through pattern . and by the way iam using c9 pro. and f...