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Samsung A50s already got March and April security patch update in Vietnam region. But In india it is still in Feb security patch.Please, Make the update fast in Indian variant as soon as Possible.A50s update details in Vietnam Region.
Samsung A50s got March security update in Vietnam and Thailand region a month before but in India it's still not released.Hope in India and in other regions march security patch update would be rolled out soon.A50s Update in Thailand.
After updating Samsung A50s to Android 10 with One UI 2 it is lagging so much. Moreover, In camera they ruined 48mp camera setting by disabling ultra wide mode and flashlight for 48MP. While typing right now also phone is lagging so much. Please Sams...
Finally Samsung A50s got One UI 2 with Android 10 upgrade in India.
After Vietnam region, Samsung A50s got One UI 2 upgrade with Android 10 in Thailand. Its been that after 10 days or 15 days A50s in india is getting security patch update after the thailand region got it. Hope in india A50s will get Android 10 soon.S...