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Guys when A30s get always on display option. Every mobile have this feature but for A30s this is big drawback. Am asking samsung expert that in future is there any possible to add this n A30s.Please anybody if u know about it let me know.
Guys am just said my view despite all of you pls share your feedback of A30s software update then only we all come to one conclusion.Sometimes if am not faced the prob you guys faced means just share it.
So guys after update of android Q let me share my perspective regarding pro and cons of the update but within two day i can't point out all.Software update is fine in my point of view am not faced any major prob.Thanks to Samsung for long waited upda...
Finally after long battle today Samsung rolled out A30s sotware update.Just now I downloaded and install software update.Looking good but within update I can't give any comment regarding I will check all features like battery heating,fas...
Hey guys what's going on how long we have to wait for the update.As they said update will reach today but not yet.Atleast Samsung have apologise for this and send notification regarding it.Nothing will happen.This is really ridiculous.Atleast What is...