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Don't know what actually Samsung company is doing while all other lower model A and M series already updated with 4.1 but there is no yet 4.1 for SM-G975U1 S10 Plus. I hope Samsung care about it and show an action. 
When will Samsung galaxy S10 plus USA receive one ui 4.1 update its almost 2 months since the release date till now.Share your thoughts 
This is now 2 months after Samsung announced rolling out 4.1 for s series but still no 4.1 for s10 plus SM-G975U1. Hope to receive the update soooooooooooon.
Why Samsung is not sending 4.1 ui for galaxy s10 plus as lots of other lower devices already updated. Hope to see it soon  Regards 
Almost 1.5 months passed from the date that Samsung announced one ui 4.1 is available for s10 plus but my phone is not getting it. Any info Device model: SM-G975U1 USA