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A wonderful surprise by Samsung on my birthday! Although not specifically meant for me...but A delight never the less...👌👌😁😁
Shot on Galaxy S10+ and post processed on Snapseed.
Shot on Galaxy S10+ with normal room light and no flash. The screen is a 23 inch Full HD (1920x1080) LED display computer monitor.Result:Pixels of the display are clearly visible. So clear that even the gap between them is visible.
A short documentary. Not shot on Galaxy S10+ rather shot on an entry level phone under 10k.Must watch at:https://youtu.be/z9Bz20XY52ICamera directions by Anil SoodStory and post editing by myself 😃Once the documentary was uploaded, Humans of Bombay ...
Shot on Galaxy S10+ HDR 10 Plus enabled @ Madhavnagar Beach. NO POST PROCESSING.Raja - The Camel, rocks!!! ...more than me 😫