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In one ui 2.0 is there an option to diable the battery charging indication on AOD as this option not avilabe in one ui 1.5. Oled screen prone to screen burns for usage of long term of one particular area,Can any one on one ui 2.0 beta can confirm thi...
Did any one noticed battery back drop after new update. I used to get 6+ of sot before update but now only getting 4+hours I tried clearing the cache but still same. # stable release
After new update fingerprint unlock speed has increased did any one feel this? Or just description in the update.
Can any one suggest best tempered glass for note 10 plus which covers full screen and with out black ck borders.
Hi team.,Is there a way to convert camera ring which will lit when switching to front camera as a notification led.I assume amoled screens can litup individual leds for displaying so is there any third party app that can make the camera ring as notif...