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Whenever i turn on and off location services from notification bar especially while turning off location security folder pops up asking for pin number or fingerprint. Does anyone have noticed. Samsung please squash this annoying bug
I guess Samsung gives Service support only to USA. S7 edge March Updates has been pushed to USA 1 week ago. Why there is a partiality? Let's stop being fooled by Samsung boycott please do buy other mobiles. We should make them learn a lesson they are...
I m feeling ashamed of using Samsung galaxy s7 edge with very slow updates and lagginess . It's high time Samsung should adhere commit to android updates like nexus series. It should fix the lagginess instead of bloated os. It should come up like wit...
Hi i have disabled Samsung gear services but still gear vr services runs background consumes heavy beauty. I. Don't have gear vr and don't use this thing. Is there a way to disable this service. Samsung should work on optimisation its high time peopl...
Hi guys, Samsung sound alive equalizer making me muts it produces distortion, creating artefacts im music is there anyway to disable or turn off. I don't see such options. Pathetic equalizer from Samsung.