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Salam all i am having an issue with my a52 its hanging now anyone of u who has this kind of issue with there a52?anyone?
Salam all so as i posted couple of days ago that the update has been pushed back for a month and there are a lot of people who criticised me but i remain on silent mode so the reason is there are some bugs in the updates in one ui 3.0 so samsung has ...
So where arw u bro what u said thirdclass youtube channel now see what i said days ago.check ur notices and u will get to know when ur a51 will get the update😂🖐🏻
So i asked the youtuber techwithusama and he replied that he got the official update one ui 3.1 for a71 in pakistan.
Salam all i was watching the comparison of a72 and a71 of pakistani varients and on pakistani channel techwithusama and in this video a71 is running on one ui 3.1 aswell as a72 so anyone using a71 uve rcvd the update?