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I know a lot of people dont like them. But they're actually pretty useful. For example, you can set it like if you open an app it performs a certain function like if i open google maps the location and mobile data is turned on automatically and if i ...
I've this green tint issue even after factory data reset recommended by Samsung. You can see the tint in screen in bottom left corner. Is it worth claiming warranty for this or it isnt that much of an issue and might be fixed with an update?
Use this for really fun and immersive experience for your Galaxy device. It has all these toggles and quick options for you to use with just a single swipe. Do check it out.
You can solve any particular app issue you are having after an update or after app update by going into Settings>Apps>'select that particular app'>Storage and then clear data. It wont remove any of your personal data and more than 90% of problems in ...
I have a 3 month old s10 lite and it shows green tint on dark mode in low brightness levels at the bottom. I've contacted samsung and they have asked me to factory reset my phone. Has anyone tried that? Or has it been helpful? Any other suggestions!