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I just made my device wet from a bit splash of water. The moisture detection notification is still there even though my device is already dry. I can't charge my phone unless I turn it off. What to do with it? Aside from bring it to the center.  Than...
Okay, having an AMOLED screen good, but it tricks me when editing videos and picture. I like the Adaptive Mode only when watching movies on streaming services then going back to basic.I wish in the Oreo update - since I'm not a beta tester and this i...
My device stutters a lot since the time that I got it. I don't know if it occurs to other device or just mine. IDK. So, in the screenshot attached, just toggle those marked check and notice the difference.My device is great, it just annoyingly stutte...
Does any one here used the Galaxy entertainer app to redeem something? Or how to use it?It's just too good to be true.I'd like to try it, but I don't want to make fool out of myself.
Is there other way to switch sim cards? I mean, I have two sims in my device, see if I want to use the other sim I have to go to the settings and change everything (data, texts & calls) in order to use the other sim properly.