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actually my phone battery is amazing after nougat .. the only concern i notice is the last 15% issue which affects all s6 phones my phone is s6 edge and here is what i did to make sure battery will work fine after the nougat update it's all about the...
Any thoughts about the nougat update and how it affects the battery ?? for me it works fine till it reaches 15% then it goes all down from 15 to 0 in very few minutes .. but after i put it in the charger it starts from 7 % not 0 any ideas??
why there isn't screen resolution option in display menu like in nougat like stated in the latest user manual ?
hi there .. so my s6 edge loses its last 15% in a matter of very few minutes..the phone acts normally until it reaches 15% it goes to 0% in no time .. and when i plug it back i find it jumping instantly to from 8 to 16 % .. that's not only me .. my b...