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no matter how many times you turn this off, it gets turned back on in sometime without your knowledge. Also i have kept my group notifications of whatsapp to silent and vibrate off, group messages still vibrate. cant turn it off no matter what. anyon...
Hi,I purchased the S20 two days ago and since yesterday the device is auto restarting on it own randomly. Is there any solution to it as its a common problem with the s20 series across the globe. Any replies would be appreciated.
Any1 facing the issue of moisture detected as soon as u remove ur phone frm charging.S8 here
hey i just came to d conclusion that the colour of my display has gone down.i mean the purple in my theme would be much more than it is nw.i doubt theres any way to fix something like this unless an update has done dis.any solutions?
I just noticed that my s8 suddenly has its colours reduced. the screen looks washed out. its not as vibrant as it used to be.any solutions?