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Same, A23=5.1 1Ui..still no update...But if I had "buds" then they would have updated..yay for bud owners..Really feeling like a huge mistake buying the is a great phone, but truly why does Sam hate it so much???Why not try a website? Sam's ...
Oh dear, 6th day of the 2nd month of 2024, still no show of 1Ui6 point Zero...Nada...I think it doesn't exist...Or Samsung is scared...
Oh dear, a whole bunch of days, nope no updated OneUi, still on really old worn out code...Need new fresh code...Today is day 5...time 05:06....
2nd Day of February 2024...Still on crappy 5.1...Seems this mysterious mythical unicorn **bleep** of an update does not exist...About as real as a R7 bank note....