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I really think One Ui 3.1 quick panel was better. Most of the menus were accessible. After android 12 upgrade you can only access 6 iconns and 8 on expanded panel. That's not friendly at all. Also you gotta slide form the top and select from the bott...
Today I got a software update for Samsung Galaxy A5 2017. This just blew me. It says improvement of call quality and camera quality. I mean it's 4 years since i have bought it. and samsung supporting their midrange consumer 4 straight years. That jus...
Devce: Galaxy A5 2017Country: UAE Is anybody experiencing Battery draining issue and issue with charging after the latest december security oatch update?
View from ship on the way to Saint Martin Island, Bangladesh
I don't know from when but I guess after last update otg isn't being connected. I can not connect my otg with phone. I'm almost sure that the issue is not with the otg. Is anyone facing the same problem? can it be the problem of the latest update or ...