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I have been deleting videos and photos from my gallery again and again and it comes back to my gallery after sometime.Tried multiple times from deleting from recycle bin or turning off the option but videos deletd and after sometime when i see my gal...
Hi i have samsung s22 ultra, and for the few weeks i have been experiencing issue with my mobile data as it shows connectivity but in actual it does not work.When i check sim status so sometimes instead mobile data as LTE it show something different ...
I switched from Note 8 to Huawei and now recently switched back from Huawei to Samsung S22 Ultra and its the worst decision of my life.This phone is so bad . Battery cant even last 24h with normal usage.Now since last update i my mobile data having c...
Its the worst device i have ever used it.Since i have purchased Samsung galaxy s22 ultra its full of bugs and issues. Battery drain so fast despite of trunning off everything which does not make any sense if i have to turn off everything i should be ...
I am shifted from Huawei P30 Pro to Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra but i have noticed that despite of showing larger battery as compared to my previous phone this phone consumed alot more and without any usage it goes to 30% too quickly.