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Sir, My galaxy on nxt smart phone is getting heated when I turn on data mode. As the mobile gets heated suddenly the battery charge goes down by 30 to 40 % and all of a sudden the mobile shuts down. What's the reason? Can anyone suggest a remedy for ...
My Samsung galaxy on nxt is mis functioning. The battery % is showing / displaying peculiarly when I connect to different chargers. When I connect to USB, it shows 33% but same time when I connect to other charger it displays 63%. Why this abnormal b...
Sir, My phone gets hanged up when it's connected to WI FI network. But the case when it is connected to data network. Why so?
Sir,Why the apps won't install in secure folder through " Google play store" as quickly as they install on the device directly ?
Sir, Whether all the apps once installed on phone and that were added to secure folder subsequently can be uninstalled from the device in order to free the storage space? So that the apps in secure folder function properly ?