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User Activity A50 users of other countries getting July update while it's still june now. My question is why does it makes partiality between indian users and other c...
Recently Sam Mobile published an article regarding updates getting delayed in india due to COVID-19.Have a look at your own and decide if the given reason is genuine or just an exemption used due to recent situation.
So, who ever didn't update yesterday they have to wait for some time as samsung india withdrew the android 10 update for A50 on 17-3-2020. I don't know what error occured to do them so but currently there's no update showing for A50 indian units. Don...
Yesterday night I updated almost 12 to 14 apps from play store, since today morning my phone is heating and the battery consumption is high even though I didn't use my device. I want to know how to identify the app which is causing this issue ? Thank...
What is this error while open certain website, I couldn't understand it. This website didn't open in samsung internet but opened in Chrome browser. What does this actually mean, can someone tell me and what can I do to resolve this ?