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Just got my first security Update from the time I updated my phone from Android 11 to 12, like I had stated in my previous post, the android 12 Update on my Samsung A12 didn't wow me that much cause I've only noticed a few minor changes 臘


Hi so last night I updated my Galaxy A12 to android 12 finally after months of waiting, and unfortunately it's not as nice I hoped or expected it to be, just some few enhancements here and there, and there's this annoying icon that I don't know how t...
After months of waiting it's finally here am from Zambia and today the 21st I've received the android 12 update  Android 12 update Samsung Galaxy A12 Zambia
We're in the new month and still no android 12 on an A12 Galaxy lol   藍 what did we do to deserve this delay honestly??? Henways we continue waiting and hoping for the best soonest 臘
So instead of Samsung Galaxy A12 bringing me android 12 update, they instead bring another Security Update like seriously 臘臘臘 we're only a few days away into September still no update 