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Will Samsung enable the ECG and BP monitoring feature on the Galaxy Watch 4 for Indian users? I am actually planning to buy a Galaxy Watch 4. Heard that Watch 4 comes with the necessary hardware for ECG and BP monitoring but why then did Samsung choo...
Check out this video by Saki from sakitech. I found this video quite useful. I already knew couple of the tips he mentioned in this video but I must tell you there were some, I was not really aware of. If you are using a Galaxy A52 do spend some time...
Do check out this video by Saki from sakitech. I have chanced upon quite a number of useful videos on his channel. In this channel you'll get to see him reviewing samsung devices, offering useful tips and tricks. I found many of his videos to be info...
I was just wondering whether something is wrong with the front camera on my galaxy A52. Whenever I take WhatsApp video calls using my device, I see that the video through my front cam appears too grainy and HDR ish. My lips colour is too pinkish and ...