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I don't know what is this error/bug is about.It hasn't affected /created problem this type of messages are coming frequently..plz note that...This type of error text is not specific to a particular app.It almost shows over any app.If any bod...
These features are available on mid end phones like A7 models..!!!bt not given on S7 edge..!! Please include them on next update.s7 edge users pls raise ur hands/fingers towards samsung for this.
Downloading via Odin is not getting successful..!!
I think samsung is playing dirty business tricks...They are pushing intended buggy firmware and forcing customers either to buy new phone/pouring money to service centre.They did this with my Note 4 earlier and now they started it on my s7 edge.U kno...
Every time I am trying to open any app...the screen goes jst dark..I hate samsung for their useless OTA firmware push..which ruins customer products...They did the same with my Note 4 and it got dead...As the warranty period was over..I have to use i...