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Received an update today morning, roughly 41mb. Used phone for 5hours now. Changes:Nothing, this is a bug fix update. Security patch still on August. Fixes:1)Reverse charging has stopped, charging 50% faster. (See screenshot of charge time before and...
Since September 60-70% of J7 Prime and On Nxt users have been facing issues especially with charging and battery life after the nougat update.Finally, some happy news to share.Received this response from Samsung today after submitting soo many error ...
1)Charging slowly. Taking 4.5hours.Reverse charging from 90-80% and 15%-0%.(Battery charging bug acknowledged by samsung because of nougat update. Fixed on A5 and A3 2016 in europe a few days ago. When will J series in india get the bug fixed?) 2)Ba...
I received a 25.11mb update today morning.What was fixed:This fixed the sudden battery drain below 15%. Fixed the reverse charging and animation lags.Coming to the charging issue:NOT FIXED3%~60% took 80mins. Normal charge speed. All was good till thi...
Received an update just now.Hope this fixes the issues.Will report after using for a day or two.