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Hey guys !!! I wanna ask that should I upgrade my s9 plus to beta version one ui ?? Because it's my dailydriver!!! Plzs guys give me suggestions should I upgrade or not!!!? Is there chances that error would occur?Recommend me 🤗✌
Mine j7 prime fingerprint isn't working since yesterday . I have tried resetting the phone, restart! Mine J7 prime having this issue...anyone knows how to solve it.LITHIUM.OoyalaPlayer.addVideo('https:\/\/player.ooyala.com\/static\/v4\/production\/',...
Plzs help me guys...mine fingerprint sensor it's not work ...have a look to the issue ...I had reset my phone...but fingerprint not working...
I have and issue with my j7 prime....its related to the software.....in this devices there lots of bugs ....Samsung needed to solve it quickly!!!Battery issue ...(slow charging and battery drain issue....)I found a bug have a look!!#devlopers!!!