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Has anyone installed Star Wars theme on their regular Note 10+ ??
Edge screen doesn't vibrate on swiping although the option is on for the vibration of edge panel handle.. plz fix that asap !!
There are two key bugs in android 10 beta for note 10+ .. first the link to Windows feature is not getting updated and the keyboard layout is buggy the space key and back key is no properly visible in the screen it hides half of the space keys and ba...
Man it was worth waiting.. I was wrong that beta would have bugs and **bleep** .. but man Samsung proved me wrong it is almost perfect as an official or stable version you can't literally feel any stutters or bugs .. Man Samsung Hats off !! .. The on...
Man what an amazing beta update .. I can't even tell you this is so good it doesn't feel like a beta man .. awesome Samsung .. Hats Off !! ... Everything is perfect just one thing is missing .. In Biometrics and Security < Biometric Preferences (Ther...