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Hello I want to know from other Galaxy Note 10+ users whether your touch interactions and vibrations for Navigation bars, Keyboard, Profiles, etc. are working properly .. it's not working in my phone .. Is it my Phone's problem or any software issue....
I am not able to understand that while i was using s10+ i got the extreme options for pubg graphics which used the exynos 9820 with mali gpu and while i upgraded to note 10+ its been like 6 months and still there is no extreme options other than in s...
Has anyone installed Star Wars theme on their regular Note 10+ ??
Edge screen doesn't vibrate on swiping although the option is on for the vibration of edge panel handle.. plz fix that asap !!
There are two key bugs in android 10 beta for note 10+ .. first the link to Windows feature is not getting updated and the keyboard layout is buggy the space key and back key is no properly visible in the screen it hides half of the space keys and ba...