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Hey guys.So, since a long time, I've been getting this message that one app is pending installation on the play store of my s23 ultra. I've checked everywhere but cannot find it. Anyone else facing this and how to fix it! 
Hey friends. So I'm in the market to buy a new TV but I'm conflicted between whether I should get another Samsung tv or go with something else. I'll probably end up going with Samsung but there are so many options within Samsung to choose from. OMG!!...
Is there an Arabic to another language translation available? If so, how to enable it or what package can I download from galaxy store to have that option shown on my translate tool?
I am a non-Arab, living in an Arab country. And I have tried everything to change the language of my galaxy store from mostly arabic to completely English.... but failed! And it's getting annoying, tbh! Any way to change the galaxy store language???I...