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With just hours left in the month, the A71 has finally received Android 12. The software update will still state 3.1 for some odd reason, but when you check your software information after the date it will show it is 4.1. The update is large in size ...
Another week has gone by, and still no update for the A71 in South Africa. This despite it being due back in April already??Samsung WILL lose me as a customer now. This poor software support, coupled with EVERY Samsung phone I've ever had having issu...
It is 10 May, and there is STILL no Android 12 update for the A71 in South Africa, despite Samsung promising a release in April. This poor support is pushing me towards Apple...I'm not impressed 
I've managed to locate a software update for my A71 on Smart Switch. However, the update is just not completing despite running ALL NIGHT. It just gets stuck on this dialogue box. Can anyone, especially Samsung, assist with what is going on?? Not imp...
STILL no new security patch for the A71 in South Africa?? Last update was the June 2021 patch, despite Samsung committing to quarterly updates. There seems to be no proper feedback for the unacceptable delay and broken promise.This leaves me very tem...