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as I reset my own I got all features back.. but it happens with me so m not sure it works with everyone do this at ur own risk... backup before reset if u have stored data in ur phone..
if phn is gettng normal aftr resetng thn samsung alrdy said us to do sOo... u can't chnge ur softwre with fctry reset.. softwre version will remain sme... be aware of these people those misguidng u to fctry reset phn...
don't wrry guys... evryone hvng d set is facng sme prblm.. just do one thing call srvce cntre at crtn intervl soo that they can listn and work on this soon...
yestrdy i got updte of 55 mb nd aftr that my voltee function is not working.. what to do now any help or suggstn...
In how much tme will it come.?