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1) When you make change ui settings the system ui crashes and reboots itself.2) The notification bar is adjusted so that it avoids the hole cutout but can't be reversed.3) When you turn on/off the night mode the QS tile shifts to its home page.
I preordered my S10 but I wanted the S10+, I couldn't get the us model because it went out of atick for preordering. I got the S10. The S10 has a 6.1' screen and has only 3400 mah of battery, the battery life is TERRIBLE. I can't take my phone with m...
I have seen some people's screenshot that shows dark mode in Samsung Members app. Don't know if they had Android 10. If you know how to do it comment down below.Thanks.
With the recent update of September security patch and the note features port my phone has been heating up exponentially. On standby it averages 39⁰-40⁰ C, with random YouTube/Netflix it goes upto 42⁰ C and with games like Fortnite and COD it goes up...
If I force update my S10 to android 10 will I get ota updates after that or will I have to force install them till the official release too?