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If anyone have the knowledge to downgrade galaxy s8 from pie to oreo, please let me know.And i would suggest to galaxy s9 users don't update their smartphone with android 10,because they completely destroyes camera and gaming performance in my s8 aft...
When i play a single game of pubg of around 40 min, my galaxy s8 temp goes up to 43°c.Is it normal when playing pubg.Temp management is far better in android oreo in my galaxy s8.Android pie **bleep** in gaming performance.
Today i noticed when i shake my phone some sound comes from the camera portion.It hears like there may be something loose that make a sound when shake the phone does anyone having the same issue.Is this is serious issue.Kindly give some suggestions.....
Some times pubg runs pretty well without a single lag in my s8 but some time it lag like hell can't even play on smooth setting.What's the issue with this android pie update.All this kind of issues rises after this nonsense one ui update.If anyone ha...
Samsung did not provide any bug fix update.So i decided to install twrp on my phone and going to flash oreo light rom, is there anyone using lightrom oreo in S8. How's It.