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Hey thereI want to know how can i peotwct my private videoa and photos in my gallwey.Can i passqord protect my whatsapp vudeoa sent to me or van i passwoed protect my gallery
I can't make any calls from my Samsung A 71 and whenever I call someone ther is no dialing tome and a conditional call forwarding message appears .To the contrary i haven t set any call forwarding and cleared all the numbers instead in call forwardin...
My Samsung A71's loudspeaker works fine on media and recording  my voices  like sending sounds recording on whatsapp but when I want to recieve or make a call on my loudspeaker ,the other caller can't hear me whereas I can hear him/her.Please help me...
How can I protect my A71 against dropping and getting damaged.Is gorilla glass 3 strong enough to stand a minor crack when the smartphone accidentally drops ?
Dear community,I'm having an issue with my Samsung A 71's loudspeaker.The loudspeaker works fine but whenever I turn the  loudspeaker on for receiving calls, I can hear the other person clearly, but the other person can not hear me at all. Please gui...