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But even at 3% it was still alive for a long time掠勞勞....In short, even after 2 years, battery life is FABBB!!Great job Samsung.....Keep it up!!
Realme has been using dual channel to improve latency in gaming. It would be excellent if Samsung too provided this feature. Download time in games takes really long. Samsung pls make sure U add this feature in ur next gen devices. For eg. With dual ...
Problems faced by me every single day!!1. Mic:- Anytime during the day my mic stops working. I have been noticing and I know the issue. Whenever I use YouTube the app starts lagging and then my mic stops working. It happens with me atleast 5 to 6 tim...
All these are major and i need samsung to fix these bugs. Also note that o have no malicious apps.Device:- Galaxy A71.1. Mic not working during calls even though no app is running in the background. i.e. the opposite party cant hear me. This has happ...
I wanted to personalize by Google Assistant with this feature 'The colourful bar'.But all I can't find the setting for that and all I get isWhich is kinda boring..... Someone pls help me out